Telemarketing in Northamptonshire

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I am going to be giving you some tips over the next few weeks as to how to be a successful telesales person, if you want to give it a go yourself!


If you need to speak with a particular person or a particular department then you need to make sure that you do! Even if that means multiple calls.  Keep trying, try at different times of the day, it might be that they are not available first thing, but you might catch them at lunch time having a sandwich at their desk, vary the times and days of the week, for your callbacks.


Of course the first step of this in making sure your data is up to date! So clean the data as you go along.  Always make a note of the decision makers full name, and make sure you spell it correctly, in case you need to email.  Nothing is more insulting than someone getting your name wrong!   Also make sure you make a note of any predecessor in the notes, it can help to name drop who  you have previously been speaking to.


Gatekeepers are a telesales biggest challenge, there are lots of ways to get around them, one of them is to make them your friend so that you can build a rapport and eventually get through to the person you need.  Some P.A’s are very powerful people, so don’t upset them! if you get them on side they can be your greatest asset!  Remember if your struggling, and want someone else to go through the pain to get you results, we do great telemarketing in Northamptonshire, so give us a ring.