B2B Telesales in Kettering

B2B Telesales in Kettering

More and more companies are adopting a telemarketing strategy as the forefront of their marketing activities.

At its core is the ability to allow cost effective one to one relationship marketing, on a scale that is unrivalled by any other medium.

Why chose us?


  • We charge a fixed daily rate, there are no hidden costs
  • We do not charge a set up fee
  • We will not tie you into a minimum term contract, we can be totally flexible to your needs
  • Setting up of Scripts is a free service
  • Training for working on your account is a free service
  • I.T Set up for your account is a free service
  • There is no management fee
  • Diary Management is a free service
  • Daily feedback and reporting are a free service
  • One to One meetings and feedback discussions are a free service

**Please check with other companies, most other telemarketing companies charge extra for the services listed above.

  • At the end of the campaign you will also have your own free CRM system that you can integrate into your business.  All of the telemarketing notes will be included on this system, together with callbacks set, emails sent out, and valuable data gained about your clients.  Please click on the link below to find out more:-





We offer a number of specialist services that come under the umbrella of telemarketing, these services include:-


  • Appointment Setting
  • Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Data Cleaning
  • Mail Shot Follow Up

We offer B2B Telesales in Kettering, but work on a National basis, and would be happy to travel to meet you.

If you are looking for a telemarketing company in Kettering we will be happy to talk to you!

The key to telemarketing success is the quality of the call. This enhances your corporate image and ensures that results are achieved. We pride ourselves in the quality of service we offer. We will operate as a seamless part of your organisation getting to know you, your products or services so that we can reflect your company style.

We are different to other telemarketing companies in Kettering, We offer a personal service, excellent communication and guarantee the quality of work.

Outbound B2B Telesales in Kettering

Before embarking on an outbound telemarketing project we would like to have the chance to visit you at your company premises to gain an inside depth of understanding of the nature of your business, your unique selling points and your campaign objectives.

Working closely with you we would then:


  • Prepare a telemarketing script for your database,
  • Or source you a new one with specific reporting templates
  • And define a series of quality control procedures.

Appointment setting / Lead Generation
B2B Telesales in Kettering

As an established telemarketing company in Kettering We would carry out a series of steps for you within your campaign:

  • Identifying and or confirming the decision makers contact details.
  • Introduction of your company’s products or services, to the decision maker.
  • Achieving your objective of making a confirmed appointment, or sales leads for your sales team.

Potential customers frequently ask to be sent company or product literature before they will consider setting up a meeting. If you wish us to send out information this can be done and in these instances, we will send out the information to be followed up 2-3 days later with the intention of making confirmed appointments, or leads for your sales team.

All information from the telephone calls and other market intelligence that you have asked us to collect will be sent to you at the end of each period. The database, which is updated daily, is your property.