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Database Telesales in Kettering

A really good in-house database is the best opportunity for a company to expand its business. This is why our Telesales in Kettering are here to help. We will design individual tailor made database solutions that will fit your needs and improve your marketing efforts.

As experienced list brokers we can supply virtually any prospect database that you require. Databases can be selected from a variety of geographic and business categories.

Data Capture
This process consists of manually entering data from a paper based format, into an electronic format.  This can involve converting exhibitions leads or business cards collected onto a database.

De-duplication services
Using enhanced software, we will clean your data by removing duplicate records. This process can be tailored to fit your needs and requirements.

List cleaning
Details on any business to business database, changes around 25% per year through amendments with changes of decision makers etc. List cleaning is the essential process of confirming contact details and enhancing the contact record.  This can be done by adding extra information such as website and email.

The cleaning involves us :-

  • Calling the prospect company,
  • Confirming details, 
  • Updating accordingly,

Keeping your data clean or up-to-date is critical.  It directly impacts on the success of telemarketing campaigns. We can help you to increase your sales and marketing efforts.

We will help you:-

  • Source new data,
  • Validating and improve your existing marketing data.

Invalid or out-of-date data can result in wasted business opportunities.  Your sales messages won’t reach your target customers, will loose you a lot of time and put your business at risk of non-compliance with data protection regulations. If you would like to purchase fresh data, or clean and enhance your existing data, we provide a range of solutions.

Our data cleansing is carried out through telephone verification.  With this we ensure that real time information is obtained and maximum accuracy is achieved.