Telemarketing in Northamptonshire



Telemarketing in Northamptonshire

Let us help you learn more about your customers and your market. In order for you to grow your business, you need to understand the economic and competitive environment in which you operate and the needs of your existing and potential customers, minimising your risks as you plan new developments. At the beginning of a project we work closely with you developing the research brief and establishing your key objectives and what qualifying information is required.


These are just some of the projects we could help you with:


  • Customer Research – Surveying your existing and potential customers, reporting on their experience with your company and identifying potential new opportunities for your business. Up-Selling your product range. We can also interview previous customers to understand why they are no longer clients and how we can help you with customer retention.


  • Revealing potential new customers or new markets for your products and services.


At the start of a project we work closely with you to develop the research brief and establish what qualifying information is required for your prospective clients or markets.

Our telemarketers are highly experienced, we will work as a seamless part of your team, working to your objectives and providing you with results to allow your business to grow.


Vision Marketings Approach

Vision Marketings approach to research is based upon a spirit of a close partnership with its clients and an emphasis on effective project management. The team is committed to providing information that empowers clients to take clear strategic actions with confidence.

Vision Marketing offers a full service from designing research solutions to address specific marketing objectives, to implementing the research and delivering survey findings to facilitate action and change.

If you require market intelligence/research for your organisation and need a partner with the expertise to create a truly unique research programme based around your business requirements, then Vision Marketing is your perfect choice.