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Telesales In Northamptonshire Customer Surveys

Many of our clients use our customer satisfaction surveys to contact current and lapsed clients, to gather feedback from them about the service they received and to discuss future business requirements with them.

We are able to offer a full service:-

  • Developing questions depending on the focus you would like the customer survey to have
  • Conducting surveys by telephone
  • Face to face interviews
  • e-survey
  • Reporting on the results.

For many companies, repeat business is often secured by keeping in regular contact with their customers. One way to do this is to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, to ensure that you are giving the best possible customer service to your customers.

By gathering information from your customers, you can build up a picture of how your customers view you.

If this is positive feedback, then you can use this within your marketing to support your reputation. If the feedback is less than positive, it gives you a ‘heads up’ about any problem areas that you can then work towards rectifying.

Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to give feedback, and will see it as a positive part of your customer service.


Survey Services

If you are looking for Telesales In Northamptonshire to carry out your Employee or Client Surveys, please contact us.  It almost always costs less to retain an employee or client than it does to replace them.

Be proactive in understanding needs and feelings by soliciting feedback. Using an independent third party to ask satisfaction questions allows the employee or client to give open and honest answers. Based on their feedback you are able to respond accurately to their needs.

Research Surveys – Prior to investing significant money on an idea or project, have us research and ask potential customers if they would use your product or service offering. Know ahead of time what your customers will want from you.  We will assist you in developing a comprehensive solution for conducting satisfaction or research surveys, including:

-Developing the questions and answer forms
-Automation of data capture to capture data include telephone calls, e-mail, land mail and/or web based solutions
-Report generation
-Presentation of findings
-Survey frequency

In many instances we find that a blending of survey methods is the best way to maximize the number of completed surveys achieved.